NEW CITY READER politics section BINNA CHOI DEXTER SINISTER ANTHONY HUBERMAN ANDREAS MÜLLER SNOWDEN SNOWDEN FRANCES STARK STEPHEN SQUIBB AXEL JOHN WIEDER Circular edited by common room, Anne Callahan, Robert Snowden, Stephen Squibb and designed by Geoff Han. Thanks to The Artist’s Institute and Luke Cohen. This circular is published on the occasion of an invitation to contribute as guest editors of the Politics Section of the New City Reader, a newspaper of architecture, information and public space published as part of THE LAST NEWSPAPER an exhibition inspired by the ways artists approach the news, running at the New Museum from October 6, 2010-January 9, 2010. Published from the editorial offices located in the 3rd floor gallery of the New Museum, The New City Reader consists of one edition published over the course of the exhbition with a new section produced weekly by alternative guest editorial teams. common circular 5 will be available at: common room dexter sinister motto brooklyn goethe wyoming building telic arts exchange ooga booga