Michael Portnoy

and “MA students from Dans Och Cirkushogskolan” (Stockholm)
The 15 New Radicalities, A Demonstration

…As far as I can tell ‘Radical’ could mean one who wears white pants before Labor Day just as easily as it could mean ‘the person(s) who infringe on the safety of your beliefs’ or could just as easily be the orgastic term one belches just as they are dropped on their head by Jefferson Airplane, or, I don’t know, could just as easily be the terminilogical Birkenstock or light-weight-bearing coat hook that culutral-health industialists like us use to describe something we haven’t seen the likes of before… It’s a matter of perspective, I think.

Take Braque, that guy spent his life drawing people in profile, so of course, he ended up believeing that men only had one eye. Maybe, approximate terms like ‘Radical’ just mean whatever the camp who says them needs them to mean. The contours of a word flex with geography and time. Three hundred years ago, if you had looked under a hood, you would expect to find a monk. Tommorow, if you looked under a hood, you would expect to find an automobile engine, so here’s my slow-point: what might have once been radical, say like the big chief reaching his jingoistic claw into mom and pop’s desktop no longer seems Radical, it seems like someone coming over and borrowing a few eggs.

Either way, its a minor thing, the word radical. Radical Radical. Radical. Radical. say it a bunch. It’s not so bad. It’s no worse. Major things are wind, the way people choose their kings, the way people get rid of them. Minor things include the names of schools of philosophy, the correct time, the proper pronunciation of ennui…but none of what I’m saying is grounds for not supporting your class. I think indexing ‘NEW Radicality’ is just as heavy an anchor as anything else that holds the wheel. Kids these days got a lot more nerve than we ever did. I never would’ve dreamed of digging up a dead corpse when I was a teen. You might tip over a stone, sure, you might spray paint something on a crypt, you might, you know, give a wino a hot-foot…

Bye for now,