Virginia Poundstone

“Beauty in the Forest… Will It Always Be?”
by Bruce and Myra Poundstone.

They don’t date. They could have been written outside the time and place of their origin-but they are a living part of both. If there are certain similarities in his time, kentucky right around the 70’s, right? and yours, Virginia, that strike us when we see them, the significance is other than historical. Though no two generations are very much the same, some hours, perhaps, are; moments are. Emotions are all the same. We are the same. Nature and man, not the day, is the lasting phenomena, I think. Maybe those words have too much bass-nature and man, but you see what I’m digging at. Henry Miller says somewhere that artist are people busy polishing lenses, ready for an event that never happens. That one day the lens will be perfect; and that day we will clearly perceive the stupefying beauty of this world.

Virginia Poundstone will give a lecture her grandfather, Bruce Poundstone, a natrualist, gave on Kentucky’s wildflowers to the Cumberland Chapter of the Sierra Club, entitled ‘Beauty in The Forest, Will it Always Be?’